Covid-19: Voices from the care home frontline

“I am worried about having no choice but having to work and putting myself and my children at risk but am grateful I can contribute on the frontline.”

“We’ve shown as a team we can truly pull together when needed, it has made communication stronger… we are in this together and we are sticking together. I feel very, very close to my colleagues, residents and relatives.”

Through our new Conversations with Care Homes YouTube series, we’ve been giving a voice to care homes during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our videos share the challenges that managers, staff and residents are facing and how they are adapting to unprecedented circumstances, as well as inspiring stories of resilience, generosity, kindness and hope.

Behind these videos lies a huge bank of information that courageous, resilient care home managers and their staff have shared with us.

A more detailed summary of the key themes, challenges and practice ideas that have emerged from 67 My Home Life England contacts with care homes from 23rd March – 5th April can be read here.

Once again we thank you all within the care home community for your courage during these incredibly tough times. Thank you for your strength, for your willingness to adapt and give new things a go andmost of all, going above and beyond to support your staff, residents and relatives.