For Care Sector Providers - Professional Development, Training and Consultancy

We have a 17 year history of working alongside providers to support improvement in quality, with a focus on:

  • Practice development

  • Leadership support

  • Adapting to change

We build bespoke support for individual organisations, built on our four underlying frameworks, with a focus on supporting quality, leadership and connections.

Our focus is always to work with the talent you have, building on your internal vision with a practical and positive approach to change.

A care home manager who completed one of our programmes said:

“I am now so motivated to make positive changes. The programme opened my eyes to the influence a leader can have and the resources have enabled me to build positive relationships and implement what I learned. I now believe in myself as a leader and manager and I will keep these new skills with me for the rest of my life, at home and in work.”

Our support and development options

Download our summary flyer, which outlines our support and development options for care providers.

See more details about how we work directly with care providers through the following support options:


Bitesize is our online course full of practical ideas, tips and advice for improving quality in care settings.

Bitesize is led by an experienced My Home Life England facilitator, in small confidential groups. The course runs over 5 sessions, each 2 hours long. 4 sessions are focused around an evidence framework for supporting quality in care settings. The 5th session focuses on how technology can support positive practice.

RISE (Realising Improvement through Shared Experience)

The RISE Service offers a menu of confidential support provided by members of our experienced team.

RISE is tailor-made to your care home, based around four tiers which ‘rise’ from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Each option builds on the next, offering different levels of support, providing evidence of continuous quality development.

Whether you need to respond to a CQC inspection report, a local audit or your own desire to maintain and enhance quality, the RISE team works with you from the beginning.

Bespoke Confidential Support

We can work with you to develop a bespoke programme of support for people across your organisation, or focused on a particular team that you want to invest in.


Some of our experienced associates also work in a freelance capacity with us, offering one-to-one coaching. Coaching will be organised directly with these coaches. If you’re interested, send us a message and we can put you in touch.