Opportunity for Advanced Social Care Leaders in North Central London

Calling social care leaders in North Central London!

Would you like to take part in a unique development programme and play a role in shaping and influencing the issues affecting health and social care in your area?

In 2023, My Home Life England worked with care providers and stakeholders from the wider health and social care system in London to consider how we can support care leaders to play a more active strategic role in helping address the issues facing the health and social care system.

Now in 2024, we’ve received funding to pilot a bespoke leadership programme!

  • The programme is for up to 16 advanced social care leaders (working in residential and domiciliary care), who are located in North Central London.
  • The programme involves providing bespoke training and support to leaders and opportunities to work alongside individuals in the system with a strategic focus.
  • It will commence in mid Spring 2024.

This is a unique opportunity for individuals wishing to contribute their skills and expertise to make a bigger difference across the North Central London health and care system

If you are interested, please complete the Expression of Interest form below by Thursday 28th March and email it to us at mhl@city.ac.uk

Download the flyer with more information

Download the expression of interest form


Programme aims and objectives

  • To provide a supportive foundation, and the opportunities, for social care leaders to play an effective role as policy shapers and influencers around relevant issues affecting health and social care in North Central London. Learning the lessons about what works well, where are the opportunities? Where are the ongoing blockages?
  • Demonstrating the value of the strategic engagement of social care leaders in health and social care decision making.
  • To consider how this programme can facilitate career progression for social care practitioners and leaders.
  • To feed the learning into discussions with stakeholders from across the London system and elsewhere to influence and inform future practice.

Key desired outcomes for participants:

  • Enhanced resilience and professional confidence
  • Increased skills in influencing, in navigating health and social care systems and policy and working in partnership with system leaders
  • Enhanced skills in representing the voices of other providers and service-users

Other outcomes

  • Better quality strategic development and implementation through social care leader engagement
  • Clear understanding of the value of the programme and how it can be improved/ sustained.