Evaluation of our Leadership Support Programme

We’ve released a new report summarising findings from our My Home Life England Leadership Support Programme!

For our new report we undertook a thematic analysis of 45 local end-of-programme reports. These describe the impact of the Leadership Support Programme, which was delivered to 790 care home or homecare managers in 57 cohorts across England (75% of these individuals – 572 – completed their programme).

This new report includes the synthesised challenges faced by these managers and the reported outcomes of the Leadership Support Programme to date.

The report concludes that care home managers work in a mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding role which often leaves them feeling overburdened with a multitude of different responsibilities, and that:

“By participating in My Home Life England’s Leadership Support Programme, managers were able to share their challenges, feel supported, and ultimately, to learn a variety of tools, skills, and strategies that impacted not only the managers, the care home staff, and the culture of the care home itself, but also the people living in the home, families, and successful operation of the homes.”

Read the full report