My Home Life programme leads to reduced NHS pressures


A wider impact of the My Home Life Leadership and Professional Development programme is reduced pressures on the NHS.

This is the conclusion of data recently gathered by NW London CCG Collaboration and shared with City, University of London.

The My Home Life Leadership and Professional Development programme was delivered to 42 care home managers across 2018. NW London CCG Collaboration gathered data to assess whether, beyond the significant impact delivered to managers themselves, the My Home Life programme also led to any wider changes during the period of the intervention – specifically in relation to A&E and hospital admissions and ambulance call-outs.

The data captured indicates that, for care homes participating in My Home Life, there was a reduction in ambulance callouts, conveyances and A&E attendances compared to care homes which did not participate.

Results for care homes involved in My Home Life across NW London:

  • Ambulance callouts – 14% decrease
  • Ambulance conveyances – 16% decrease
  • A&E attendances – 9% decrease
  • Non-Elective admissions – 5% decrease

(Annual trends for 2018-2109 compared to the previous 2 years)

Although many factors will affect conveyancing and admissions rates, other data supports the likelihood that My Home Life had a positive contributing impact on the these figures. Following participation in the My Home Life Leadership and Professional Development programme:

  • 59% of participants (care home managers) reported a reduction in inappropriate hospital admissions (n=31)
  • 83% reported perceived improvements in the overall level of quality of practice in their care setting
  • 83% reported increased confidence in staff’s ability to take the initiative
  • 90% reported increased confidence as a professional
  • 67% of participants reported that their understanding of what local health services exist that I can access had increased during the programme.

This evidence further supports the proven impact of the My Home Life Leadership and Professional Development programme.

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