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My Home Life England

My Home Life England

Our History

The work of My Home Life in England was originally led by Professor Julienne Meyer and Tom Owen in four phases:

Phase 1 – Vision (2005-7): Funder: Help the Aged (now Age UK). Pulling together the evidence for best practice in care homes.

Phase 2 – Dissemination (2007-9): Funder: BUPA Giving. Sharing the evidence-based messages with the care home sector through storytelling.

Phase 3 – Implementation (2009-13): Funders: The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, plus others. Co-creating with the care home sector a leadership support and community development programme to take forward quality improvement in care homes.

Phase 4 – Sustainability (2013-2019): Funders: The Henry Smith Charity and Age UK. Helping others to work in better partnership with care homes through community engagement and integrated health and social care. Supporting the care home sector to share best practice with each other and stay connected to the My Home Life vision.

My Home Life England today

Our vision is:

To be a leading authority and enabler of positive change in care homes and other care settings across England, through high-quality training, consultancy, research and social action.

Our mission is:

To promote positive practice and improve the quality of life for those living, visiting and working in care homes and other care settings.

Our values:

  • We are curious about what works well and why.
  • We are collaborative, inclusive and genuine in the way we work with people.
  • We work to build trust through transparency and an appreciative relationship-centred approach.
  • We have the courage to stay focused and the humility to change.
  • We promote human rights, equality, diversity and inclusion for people who live, die, work in and visit care homes and other care settings.

Our work is focused on three areas:

Through these activities we continually support the care home sector, care and health organisations and communities to promote best practice and quality of life for all people living, working and visiting care homes and care settings.

Our Strategic Priorities (2022/23 – 2025/6)

Our strategic priorities to realise our vision strongly align with City, University of London’s commitment to delivering social good, through high-quality research, and strong links between research and practice. They include:

  • To improve the quality and growth of training, support and development programmes.
  • To develop and engage in collaborative relationships across the sector with the aim of highlighting and stimulating positive practice, research and innovation to increase influence and positive change at local, regional and national systems-level.
  • To enhance and promote underpinning research connected to our activities and to increase our research outputs and funding.
  • To develop and promote community engagement initiatives across generations, care homes, other care settings and within localities.

We continue to draw on the expertise of people connected to care homes and care settings, the wider My Home Life movement, Our Development Board, The My Home Life Charity and our continued relationships with publicly funded care and health organisations. We stay connected to a wide number of statutory and membership organisations and to Professor Julienne Meyer through her different research activities and role with the new My Home Life Charity.

Find out more about the people behind My Home Life England on our ‘Meet the Team’ page. 

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