Using an MHLE programme to evidence Nursing CPD

Anna, a care home manager, is participating in one of our programmes at the moment.

Anna used her experiences from her MHLE programme to help her think about and evidence her Nursing Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Here are her thoughts:

What was the nature of the CPD activity/ practice-related feedback?

“As part of the introduction to the My Home Life England course, we were asked to think about and discuss the highs, lows and learning over the past 2 years. It has been the most challenging time for not only the general population but particularly for those working in social care and the NHS.

What I discovered within health care is the resilience of staff. I had only been in post as Home Manager for 6 months when Covid hit the UK. It was a scary time, but I drew from what I had learnt IPC (infection prevention control) wise from previously working in a NHS hospital for 10 years and from completing a research module in my health studies degree. This helped me distinguish what was real evidence and what was scaremongering.

[There was] no real guidance to begin with but, looking back, we didn’t know what we were dealing with. I think as the months went on, then the support got better. Building relationships with Public Health and Health Protection, CCG and the local authority. I feel now, if I can deal with a pandemic then I can deal with anything, despite feeling overwhelmed, helpless, inadequate at times.”

What did you learn from the CPD activity and/or feedback?

“I learnt that there is support out there. I learnt from discussing it with others in a similar position that I wasn’t alone. Everyone was feeling scared, even those in larger care providers with numerous senior managers. I have more support networks now that I know that I can ask for guidance on for other issues.”

How did you change or improve your work as a result?

“Becoming more resilient myself, trusting in others, being more aware of statistics, trusting my clinical judgement – particularly when I did not always agree with easing of restrictions. Realising that being cautious pays off. I also became better at writing risk assessments!”

How is this relevant to the Code?

“I would say it is relevant to all aspects of the code in regards to prioritising people, preserving safety, promoting trust and practicing safely.”

By Anna, Home Manager