Poem: “A Day in the Life” – A Home Manager’s Story

By Alena Petrie, Manager at Cambridge Court Care Home, Sefton

A day in the life – A home manager’s story

It is half past six, rise and shine, time to get ready for new day,
Little face shouts mummy, I will see you later, okay?
Arrive to work, get changed, spring in the step and off I go
We will tackle all head on, well, so we are hoping so

Handover is always good to catch up with everyone
But when 2 out of eight staff don’t turn up, that is no fun
Cover it as soon as you can or get on the floor yourself, no authority
Phone calls and meeting will have to wait as our loved ones are priority

Phone is ringing, doorbell goes on, but we still smile
This day will probably take a while
Somebody rang in sick for tomorrow and somebody cannot cope any more
Counselling mode on, cuppa tea, break and listening as always opened door

No time to spare as bed is broke room 5, bulbs missing in room 10
So and so didn’t do the job properly, sling is missing, footplate of a wheelchair has gone again
Teamwork makes the dreamwork, but not always focused on own work
Let’s pick them up, let’s work together, let’s shake hands or talk

Train your people, it is the best way to move forward
And use the resources correctly which were finally ordered
Rota is done for next four weeks but 44 hrs to recruit for I know
Hopefully we find someone sooner then we will see snow

Mary has a temperature, Bill didn’t eat so much today
John fell and went to hospital, oh let’s keep ill health at bay
Covid swabs, covid paperwork, covid passes oh whatever else is coming my way
I will keep going, it is only noon, more to get through I say
Medication was just delivered, hand it to the nurse, but oh
It is not the correct one, so on the phone again I go

2 pm, time to stop, have a drink and bite to eat, great idea
Phone goes again, and family this time need a listening ear
We will sort it out, book a visit or two, yes you need the test before you come
I didn’t make it up, it is the rule, for everyone, not for some

Singer has arrived, let’s have a dance, sing song and some fun
It is good to remind ourselves why we are doing this on dull days or in the sun
Seeing happiness, smiling faces, everyone forgetting for a while
That virus out there is wiping people in a horrifying style

We received a cheque for our memory walk we did in September
So we need to plan what we will spend it on, but remember
No time to do it now as 3 audits are due today
Someone is knocking on the door again, my home time, now I will have to stay

Finishing list of things to do and write tomorrow or maybe the day after
Dot just came to tell me she needs to go home to cook the tea, I am fighting the laughter
I haven’t managed to do the supervision, or write up all the notes, who cares
In the car now, thinking about tomorrow, looking forward to see two little faces when I get home, upstairs.



Alena originally wrote this poem to present at the Making it Real summit in Sefton, organised by My Home Life England (picture above).

Thank you Alena for giving us your permission to share the poem more widely.