Dipping into Connie’s past

Connie, 87, has been splashing out in Wales by revisiting her lifelong love of swimming.

Pen-Coed residential home has been working hard to support its residents to rediscover their hobbies and interests they took part in before moving into a care home.

Shani, senior staff member, told My Home Life England “seeing residents regaining their independence in their own environments and outside of the care home is a joy to be a part of.”



Connie said, ‘to still be able to achieve a past time that I used to and still love is amazing! I never believed that I could be independent again. I’m lucky to live in an environment where they challenge us residents and aid us in fulfilling our past and dreams’.

Manager Anne said ‘As a home we feel it’s important for our residents to still enjoy the little things that they used to be able to do when they lived in the community. Their lives should not change just because they come to live in a care home’.

My Home Life England hears of many care homes struggling with the balance of assessing activities and ensuring residents have fulfilment in their lives. However, being courageous, working in partnership to make things happen, seeking guidance and support to know how somethings could be achieved, are all ways in which Pen-Coed and Connie made it happen. Anne said ‘I have learnt that whatever age you are you can accomplish what you aspire to with the right support and guidance’.

One of the carers said, “When the residents got into the pool they were a little nervous at first but excited as well. We had out floats so they could gain some confidence before swimming on their own. We stayed with them throughout offering lots of encouragement and making it a fun session. It wasn’t long before our residents had gained their confidence and were swimming off’.

Many residents who now go along with Connie indulged in using the Jacuzzi too. To make it a full and relaxing day out the group lunch afterwards in the leisure facilities café.

Thanks to Pen-Coed Residential Home for supplying this blog.