Community Engagement

Community engagement – as important as ever!

Engagement between care homes and the local community is still possible despite social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of friendship, kindness and community spirit, and many people are now keener to support care homes than ever before! We’ve heard many heart-warming stories of thoughtful surprises and donations. We’ve also heard from other community members that they want to help, but don’t always know how. We’ve created some resources to help you reach out to your local community:

1. Posters

Put a poster in your window, or in the window of your local shop, and let the community know how best to support you:

2. Volunteering ideas sheet

If anyone would like to know other ways in which they can support you, here’s a ready-made ideas for volunteers sheet you can give them, full of practical ways they can offer support, including whilst still maintaining social distancing.

3.  Community Engagement Companion

This document full of ideas and tips was co-created with the care home managers and activity coordinators of the 28 homes taking part in the North West London Care Home Friends and Neighbours project funded by the Mercers’ Company. It contains contact details and examples that are specific to North West London, but many ideas can be transferable to your area. Here are some other resources (tried and tested by care homes) to help build on your community connections:

Welcome pack 

These resources are designed to help you make friendly approaches to individuals or organisations that you’d like to connect with. Click on the links and download your own copy of each file.

The 3 steps

Digital Pack – All 3 steps and prompt cards

Quick guides

Useful ideas to help you succeed:

Our quick guides are stuffed with hints, tips and answers.

My Home Life England Community Engagement Bulletins

Download for FREE the My Home Life England Community Engagement Bulletins. Each Bulletin highlights a different area of community engagement and how we might build our practice, to know our neighbours outside the care home better.