Our New Offer for 2020 and beyond

My Home Life England are delighted to launch our new, flexible programme in response to COVID-19 and beyond to support quality of life in care homes.

Building, as always, on our strong history of supporting those who have demonstrated huge commitment and expertise in delivering quality of life in residents, staff and families, our new offer has developed through listening to care homes and commissioners’ feedback on what is important now and into the future.

We remain focused on working alongside care homes, building on what is already working well, enhancing their skills, resilience and creativity, and helping them to rebuild following the pandemic. One aspect of our programme seeks to directly help new relationships to flourish with both the local community and wider health and social care colleagues.

We have also adapted how we work to use new technology. We know that providing space and time to help care homes share their own stories of what has happened during this pandemic, what can we learn and what can be built on for the future is vital.  This is a great opportunity to invest in a sector that needs our care and attention, and has the potential and the motivation to play a more active contribution in working as equal partners in the system to support our shared priorities.

More detailed information about our new programme can be found here

We would be glad to talk more with you and hear your views about what support you feel care homes need locally. Please contact us at