Help us develop best practice resources – join our expert advisory group

My Home Life England are running a short-term project to shine a light on the great practice in care homes in England and adapt our materials based on the advice of care home managers.

We’re looking for up to 7 care home managers to help us:

  • co-produce new ways of communicating our best practice resources
  • build up our examples of great practice that happens in care homes

We are looking for people to join us who work for different kinds of providers in different parts of the country.

We won’t take up lots of your time – we’ll be asking you to join a small expert advisory group for 1 meeting a month between February and June, and to connect with us outside of meetings every now and again.

We’re able to offer you a small contribution for your time.

If you are interested, please email with your answers to the following information by Sunday 31st January 2021:

Your Name:

Your Employer:

Your email address and telephone number:

Name and Location of Care Home:

How have you heard of My Home Life England and why do you want to be part of this project?

Have you ever used My Home Life materials or other research to support you in the work you do?

More details

We will be asking you to attend 5 meetings from February to June 2021 (1 per month) and work with us on developing ideas and ‘top tips’ outside of those meetings. We estimate 35 hours maximum over the project.

We are able to provide a small payment for attending each meeting and other time you give, paid at the end of the project.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 23rd February from 2-4pm. The majority of meetings will be virtual. Depending on guidance at the time, we’d like to have the last meeting face-to-face in London and would pay for travel.

Depending on how many people express an interest we may not be able to ask everyone to join us on this project, but we’d be really interested in staying in touch and thank you in advance for your interest.

You can download these details in PDF format here.