The FaNs Wishing Washing Line continues to bring joy to people in Essex care homes

Through FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) Network Essex, My Home Life Essex Community Association have continued to do brilliant work keeping people living in care homes across Essex connected to their local communities, despite the pandemic and its restrictions. We’ve spotlighted some wonderful success stories from the past few months, inspired by the Wishing Washing Line: […]


How care home teams minimised the impact of Covid-19 on people living with dementia in care homes

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World Alzheimer’s Day 2022  At My Home Life England we are always learning about positive person-led approaches that support people living in care homes who have a form of dementia. We have had the privilege of working intensively with care home managers across the country during the pandemic, and this theme has shone through many […]


QI initiative improves the safer administration of medicines in a Birmingham care home

In March 2021, staff at Marian House Nursing Home embarked on a Quality Improvement (QI) initiative to improve the safer administration of medicines for people living in the home. Marian House Nursing Home is a 42 bedded care home in the Sutton Coldfield area of Birmingham that provides nursing and residential care, led by manager […]


Top Tips for supporting nominated visitors to return to the care home from a group of care home managers in Essex

The below thoughts were shared with My Home Life England by a group of care home managers in Essex. They shared tips for how they themselves and other managers could support their teams to welcome nominated visitors back into the care home, ensure safety and also look to the future. These are their thoughts: Prior to […]


Stylish scrubs showcased in ‘Scrubbers’ Fashion Show!

The wonderful teams at The Old Vicarage in Bolton and Whitefield House in Bury have shared with us two fantastic videos showing their recent ‘Scrubbers’ Fashion Show and examples of Community Engagement initiatives both before and during COVID-19. We heard the stories behind the videos and how COVID-19 has led them to adapt: “We’ve always […]