Over the coming months, the My Home Life team will develop resources to keep you up-to-date on ideas, tips and examples of good practice. As the programme advances, the team will continue to publish regular updates, tips and examples of best practice. Remember to visit this site regularly.

Research Reports

My Home Life: A review of the literature – details the evidence for best practice. (PDF,794k)

My Home Life report – outlines key findings of the literature review along with testimonies from residents. (PDF, 1858k)

My Home Life summary – a brief executive summary of the programme and the underpinning evidence base. (PDF,130k)

London Movement Resources – The My Home Life Toolkit

The Big Care Home Conversation resources

How to do it booklet
(PDF, 10.1Mb)

(PDF, 446K)

Leaf print
(PDF, 80K)

(PDF, 1.1Mb)

(PDF, 1.65Mb)

Questions banner
(PDF, 787K)

Recipe cards
(PDF, 353K)


Care Home Staff Bulletin

Audio resources

My Home Life Cymru