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My Home Life has completed a series of films commissioned by the Department of Health, and have been produced in conjunction with Let’s Respect and Dementia UK. The films look at the challenges of dementia and other mental health issues in residential care.

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The ‘Experiences of…‘ series of films concentrate on the challenges residents face when suffering from dementia, delirium and depression. With powerful interviews from residents, relatives and staff, they aim to help carers better understand and care for residents suffering from mental health problems.

The ‘Living with Dementia‘ films explore what it is like to live alongside dementia, and demonstrates the importance of relationships in successful care. It follows three real-life stories looking at the experiences of a young carer, two relatives and a resident. The films are aimed at the general public, as well as those working in the care sector.

We hope you enjoy these films and that they serve as a tool to help staff and relatives better support their residents and loved ones.

Penny Hibberd's introduction to the three films
Caring for Kath
A tale of two relatives
Brenda and John
Experiences of dementia, delirium and depression

Download films

You can download each film by right clicking the links below, and choosing ‘Save as…’. We recommend you download VLC to play these films.

You can also download the films directly from Vimeo by clicking on the title of the film. There is an option to download the original file in the bottom right hand corner (look for “About this video”). You will need to join Vimeo as a member before downloading the films (you can do this for free).