Current activities


The National Care Homes Research and Development Forum was established in 2003 to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to network, share information and ideas arising from their work.

Members believe that the Forum has the potential to bring together a wealth of knowledge and talent and could exert a considerable influence on future research agendas for long-term care for older people.

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The aims of the Forum

  • Share personal experiences of conducting research in care homes to examine the issues and challenges that were encountered and how these were addressed
  • Debate the (in)appropriateness of methodologies for researching in care homes and explore possibilities for methodological development
  • Influence the national agenda on research and development in care homes identify and share information about sources of funding for research in this field
  • Agree an ethical code of practice
  • Provide support for post-graduate students

What has been achieved by the Forum?

There are now 177 members who meet 2-4 times annually.

Why was the Forum established?

The majority of long term care for older people in the UK is now provided in care homes, and approximately half a million frail older people live in these environments with the greater proportion of this population aged 85 and over (Laing & Buisson, 2010). This is arguably one of the most vulnerable populations and until relatively recently what occurred in care homes – the experience of those living in these settings and the care practices – received little attention from policy makers and researchers. This needed to change and is changing with the raft of policy and legislative initiatives that have been introduced since 2000. Research that is devoted to understanding the complexities of this environment has also increased.

Convened by

Professor Julienne Meyer (City University)
Dr Katherine Froggatt (Lancaster University)
Dr Sue Davies (University of Sheffield)