My Home Life Medway launches!

My Home Life Medway launched last week, and was highly praised by those managers who attended. The day was seen as particularly useful for the amount of information sharing which went on. With discussions about – amongst other things – dental practices which accommodate older people within the home environment, ideas around end of life care and bereavement packs that homes have put together, doll therapy, pet therapy, domestic chores involving residents and cinema nights.

Genette Laws, Social Care Commissioning Manager for Medway Council, commented:

“The managers agreed it was tremendously useful to spend time sat around a table with other managers sharing ideas, knowing that everybody is in the same the boat – facing similar problems and hunting for solutions. This two-way sharing of information is absolutely crucial to the My Home Life programme, and it was especially good to see the passing on of information about cost-effective training courses which are available through the Council and the NHS. A number of the managers came away wiser about what exists out there to help them.”

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