An inspiring story from Cheryl, Manager of Wittersham Care Home


Wittersham is home for up to 15 residents with a dementia based within West View Integrated Care Centre in Tenterden. Read Cheryl’s inspiring story of creating a pub in their home!

One of our members of staff felt that our unit needed a space for our service users to reminisce and have a meeting place to socialise with others. She discussed transforming our quiet lounge that was rarely used into an authentic pub as this would have been the local residents meeting place in the past.

Tina discussed this with service users, their relatives and staff to gauge their feelings and it was felt that this would be a great idea. We then set about with the transformation, the bar was constructed by the activity co-ordinator’s father.

The painting of the room was carried out by the Registered Manager, the Assistant manager, the Activity co-ordinator and Tina the Team Leader. This took a couple of days which could have been shorter if the assistant manager didn’t get carried away with the paint brush, she wasn’t listening to us when we were telling her where the red paint was going to stop, we would turn round to see she had gone further than planned! Never mind the end result still looks great.

It was also agreed that we would like a juke box in the Pub. We were extremely lucky to be chosen for the community matters project with Waitrose which saw us receive a donation towards this. The juke box is filled with all the music that the service users love and you can often walk on the unit to find someone dancing to their favourite tunes ! Service users have even made their own beer!

We have planned an official opening on 4th July with John Warnett as guest of honour from BBC Radio Kent. We have decided to make a party of this day with all the friends and relatives.

– Cheryl Shorter: Care Home Manager

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