My Home Life

Our vision is a world where all care homes for older people are great places to live, die, visit and work.

What’s going on?

Working towards the MHL vision of best practice

In care homes all over the country, there are inspirational people working to make care homes for older people great places to live, die, visit and work. These people are taking the messages from the evidence base and putting them into practice. They are the bedrock of the My Home Life movement, driving forward quality of life for older people living in care homes every day – and you can join them.

Sharing good practice stories

It might sound like a little thing, but bit by bit, we can change the way people think about care homes by being more appreciative about what’s working well now. People are sharing stories about the great work and wonderful moments happening in care homes all over the country. These stories are featured on our blog and shared with our network to inspire others to feel positive about their work and spread good practice. Read more about how you can share your story.

Members of the My Home Life Movement are also sharing stories with journalists and decision-makers – getting them to see the potential in the sector, appreciate the complexity of good care and understand what changes should be made to ensure great quality of life in care homes.

Regional and local groups

Across the country, there are regional and local groups meeting up to share what’s going on their care homes and to talk and find solutions for any issues in their area. If you’d be interested in finding out more, let us know and we’ll try to link you up with someone local to you.

Care homes in the heart of the community

Groups of care homes and those from communities who are interested in supporting care homes and the older people who live there are working in a range of different ways to prevent the isolation of care homes from their local areas. Some care homes are getting set up for volunteers, local organisations and businesses are finding out more about what they can be doing to help – have a look at what’s happening in Essex.

More projects are developing all the time – so check back here for more information or sign up to receive our updates.

Our Blog


"A networking day in our care home"

Our home held an older persons services information drop in afternoon in which we invited in local organisations and support groups to discuss services available to older people in the area and opened the event to members of the public. We held the event in our home to provide a relaxed, comfortable space for people […]

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"Moving to a care home – what matters to you?"

I remember talking to one of our prospective residents at one of our care homes telling me about her “life of ever decreasing boxes” as she put it. From a large family property to a downsized house once her children had left home, then to a small warden controlled flat and now to one room […]

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