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Our vision is a world where all care homes for older people are great places to live, die, visit and work.

What can I do?

Bring My Home Life to your care home

Across the UK people are working towards a vision for best practice in care homes, based on the evidence base. You can read all about the vision in the Good Practice section – and find resources to help you work towards it in our resources and video libraries. If you would like more help in understanding the vision and how to work towards it, get in touch.

Share your stories

In the past there’s not been much noise about all the good stuff that happens in care homes – and we want to change that! Once you start listening there are so many stories about how care homes are great places to live, die, visit and work – and it’s important that more people hear about them. Your great stories go up on our blog – have a look. Here are some ideas for stories you could let us know about – drop us a line or call Jess in the MHL team on 0207 040 0260 if this has got you thinking:

  • A ‘magic moment’ –  the beautiful moments of care that give you that spine-tingling feeling.
  • A great idea that’s worked wonders in your care home – share your story and let others hear about it and do that great thing themselves!
  • A problem solved – chances are someone else has had the same issue and could do with a helping hand.

Talk to other care homes

Some care home managers have found meeting up in a group is really helpful to go through what’s happening in their homes at the moment, share top tips and keep in touch with what’s going on. Read Susan’s story about how she set up her own managers’ forum to get some ideas.

Does your local council run a care providers meeting? Challenge yourself to go along to the next one and chat to someone from another care home. There are also Registered Managers Networks run by Skills for Care which managers of social care services can set up or join an existing group.

There are also other groups of care staff (like Activities Coordinators) sharing good ideas – have a look at this great forum for activities in care homes run by Alive!. Why not submit an idea to the forum – or set up a coffee with your counterpart at a nearby home to have a chat?

Get involved in your care home

If you live in a care home or you’re a relative of someone living in a care home, find out if/when your residents and relatives meetings happen and go along. If you’re not sure what you could contribute, have a think about what’s going on in your care home – ask yourself:

  • What’s working well now?
  • What could make it even better?
  • How might we get there?

Join a local group

Across the country, there are regional and local groups meeting up to share what’s going on their care homes and to talk about issues in their region. If you’d be interested in finding out more, let us know and we’ll try to link you up with someone local to you.

Tell us what you think

We run a group for older people living in care homes and their relatives to review and shape what we do and how we do it. More information is available here – give us a ring (020 7040 5776) or write us an email ( if you’d like to be involved.

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