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Our vision is a world where all care homes for older people are great places to live, die, visit and work.

Best practice themes

Keeping workforce fit for purpose

We identify and address the ever-changing learning needs of older people, relatives and staff within the care home.

The workforce in care homes is often expected to deliver quality with limited resources. Many feel undervalued given the stigma attached to the work. Their need for on-going support and encouragement from us all, along with proper training, is vital.

“The more training we’ve given the girls, the better it’s been. The better the care’s been… The place is starting to get a better reputation.”

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The following should be encouraged:

  • Education and training seen as integral to practice
  • Creative learning initiatives developed and supported to become part of mainstream practice.
  • Relationship-centred education and training, concerned with developing the whole of the care home workforce on site, rather than external educational inputs for personal and professional enhancement only.
  • Registered and non-registered workers learning together as a force for change, rather than a means of qualification.
  • Consideration of learning for the older people living in the care home.
  • Older people, relatives and staff need to be central to the education process by sharing their experiences of quality of life in care homes.

Keeping track of the education and training needs of the workforce in the care home sector requires ongoing research and using education to share lessons learnt from attempts to improve practice.

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