Volunteer now

There is so much that you can do add to the life of your local care home through sharing your time and talents. My Home Life is working with Spots of Time to help make it easy to help out and to support care home staff in making their homes great places for people to live.

Get involved by picking the activity you’d like to do from the list below – you’ll then be able to find local care homes where you can volunteer and the times they can host you. We’re currently working in London and extending into Essex over the coming month.

You can give just an hour of your time whether its going for a cup of tea, running a small craft session, performing some music or even taking your pet to visit. We believe that these small moments can make a real difference in lifting people’s days so its a really worthwhile thing to do. When you book you’ll receive all the instructions you need to get there, a short guide on your activity along with information on what to expect when you visit a care home and interacting with people experiencing dementia.