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Our vision is a world where all care homes for older people are great places to live, die, visit and work.

My Home Life approach


Despite the ongoing policy of enabling older people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, demographic changes mean that we are likely to need double the number of care home places over the next 25 years.

Historically, the sector has lacked investment. Given the funding levels, and the lack of support offered by the community and statutory bodies, it is remarkable that care homes have been able to improve so much over the past few decades, yet there is no doubt that care homes need greater investment to support and deliver quality.

My Home Life passionately and continually highlights this need for greater support with Government, regulators, inspectors, commissioners, and other key stakeholders. In so doing, we support care homes to deliver to their potential, so that they can be properly valued and trusted by external professionals and cherished by their local communities.

My Home Life is unique in the way we approach everything we do.


We identify and share best practice, valuing the expertise of those who live, die, visit and work in care homes, as well as the knowledge generated through research.


We highlight the importance of positive relationships between older people, relatives and staff, and between care homes and the wider community.


Given the negativity that surrounds care homes, we focus on the positive – ‘what is working now and what more we need to do to make it even better?’.


We use creative and collaborative methods to help people and organisations, across the whole system, to reflect and take forward quality improvements.


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"I asked the children if they would come again to which they replied ,yes!"

Heavy snow, icy roads, and school closures were the outcomes of last week’s storm Emma combined with the Beast from the East. One care home group from Derbyshire met the chilly challenge head on with fantastic outcomes. Sarah Dixon, community relations manager for Ashmere Derbyshire Ltd explained, “Local schools were closed suddenly on the Thursday, with news […]

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"I get to listen to interesting stories about the residents’ lives and my eyes have been opened up to a completely different lifestyle to my own"

Student Hubs is a national organisation which supports students to tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with each other. The Bristol Hub, which supports the students of the University of Bristol, has been collaborating with My Home Life as they work towards creating stronger relationships with care homes in the south west of England. Bristol Hub has created […]

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